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I will be selling my comics at the quarterly Comitia market, an event entirely devoted to 'original' doujinshi, meaning comics that are not based on other comics or animes. It will be held during Golden Week at Tokyo Bigsight (halls East 1 & 2).
Comitia participation announcement

Hello! There have not been updates for a while, but now I'm back. The website is not completely fixed yet, but there is some good news: There is now a Japanese language version of Living Legend! Furthermore, I could finally participate in the Comic Market in Tokyo Bigsight (Comiket 77). I would like to thank the visitors who appreciated and supported my art. My participation for Comiket 78 is not certain yet. For those interested in participating themselves, I have updated the information about participating in the Comiket(See 'comic' section). Enjoy!

Due to a server dysfunction, I had to reupload the website. Some problems with PHP have occurred and the guestbook is not working properly. Please bear with me and the crappy layout for a while, it will be fixed soon.

I have added a new section with information about how to participate to the Comic Market in Tokyo. If you want to sell doujinshi at the market, check it out! See section "comic".

Unfortunately, I have not been chosen to sell at the Comicket this winter. Well, just wait for me for the summer Comicket 76!

Gallery update: I have uploaded the two pages that were published in 'MYX' a year ago. The magazine seems to have gone bankrupt, and its dissapearance is shrouded in mystery.

A new section (see 'Comic') is being added about how to print your doujinshi in a Japanese printing company. Some people have asked me about how it is done so I decided to just put it on the site. Information about how to submit digital data has already been added.

My comic "Route 101" is finished and ready to be sent to the printing company, wahey. I also added two paintings to the gallery.

I published two colour pages "Stripdagboek" in #2007-46 of the Dutch comic magazine Myx .

Finally, the guestbook (with oekaki) is completely finished! If you like drawing, just give it a go. Just leave a message and tell me about yourself!

Houten convention info
I will be selling and signing 'Living Legend' at the comic convention in Houten, right below Utrecht, on September 30th and October 1st.

Moved the site to a new server. There are still a few discrepancies in the website due to the change of hosting but they will be solved soon.

Added new picture to the gallery. I gave the painting to my grandmother.

Welcome to the webpage of Studio Calcium, a one-man circle. Finally, the site is online!